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What is Autism?


Autism also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neuro-developmental disorder that affects the way children and adults interact with others. Autism affects communication, learning, and behavior skills. Autism is typically diagnosed at the developmental stage in children, but symptoms can appear after the age of 3 and in those instances older children are diagnosed with ASD.

Signs & Symptoms of autism:

Individuals with autism have difficulties with social communication and interactions, limited interest, and repetitive behaviors. Not all individuals with autism will display the same behaviors, but many will have similar symptoms.


Listed below are a few signs and symptoms of ASD. 

  • Little to no eye contact

  • Appearing to not listen or look away when spoken to

  • Slow response

  • Having a flat or robotic tone of voice

  • Difficulty in understanding other people's emotions or point of views.

  • Becoming upset with changes.

  • Being sensitive to clothes, foods, light, sound and temperatures

  • Have a high level of interest in numbers, shapes, toys, and technology.

   People with autism can have extraordinary strengths such as:

  • Being able to learn things in detail.

  • The ability remember information for long periods of time

  • Being strong visual and auditory learners

  • Excelling in math, science, music, or art

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